I’m Tired of my iPhone 7

I’m tired of the boring non-high def iPhone screen. Never mind articles like this, it just doesn’t look nearly as exciting and vibrant as those big Samsung amoled screens I keep ogling at Best Buy. Maybe super accurate color reproduction is over-rated.

I don’t like the weird haptic home button. It’s less reliable and less satisfying than the real buttons on past iPhones. And don’t tell me it’s for water resistance, Samsung makes millions of water resistant phones with actual buttons (also, the iPhone has other real buttons for volume!). I also don’t like how dependent iOS is on that button. It was fine in 2007 but we’ve got better ways to navigate touch screen devices now. A weird button mixed with overwhelming usage equals disappointment.

The iPhone 7 bezels are inexcusable. The new LG G6 has a screen to body ratio of 80% meaning the screen covers 80% of the front of the phone. Guess what the iPhone sits at? 65.6%! That’s legit terrible. I looked, it’s hard to find any smartphone with a screen to body ratio that low, especially in 2017. The competition is a few crappy budget android phones or a Blackberry, which has a keyboard covering half of the face.

It’s so slippery! I know, the wise among us cover up our phones in cases, but that doesn’t change the bar-of-soap form factor of the iPhone. If your iPhone doesn’t wear a case, you’re going to have some trouble holding on to it. No lie, I’ve dropped my iPhone pretty seriously three times… this weekend. iPhones have been slippery since the debut of the iPhone 6, just a heads up they haven’t gotten any better over the last three years.

I really want to believe the next iPhone will be perfect but reports are less and less re-assuring. It’s going to be big, it’s going to cost $1,000, it might not even be available until 2018, and it can’t possibly measure up to all our hopes an expectations. Meanwhile, those new Samsung phones are coming out soon…


LG G6 > G5

The LG G6 is official today! LG did little to surprise anyone this time around, in fact they kind of embraced the culture of twitter leaks instead. There are no surprises here. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the G6 definitely trumps last year’s G5.

It’s pretty safe to say that a newer variant of something is better than the previous iteration. But I don’t mean that the G6 is not just better overall, I mean it’s better in it’s basic conception.

Last year’s G5 was exciting for about 20 minutes. It looked like a premium metal device with some awesome added functionality in the form of snap-ons (they called them modules). Then people got their hands on it and it seemed much more like a plastic bag of gimmicks. Turns out it was ‘metallic’ (mostly plastic), and the modules were all but useless, not to say impossible to find in the U.S. The software and performance were also middling at best. In short, the phone was a flop. Instead of trying to be a good phone, it tried to be a type of revolutionary phone, and it ended up being a gimmicky phone.

This year, we can safely say that LG is back to the basics. Instead of trying to win the spec game they focused on performance; instead of trying to transform the market with a gimmick they subtilely tweaked the dimensions of the screen; and most importantly, instead of giving us a ‘metalic’ device, they made one that is actually made out of metal and glass (ps, it looks awesome).

I’m excited to give this guy a try, and it’s been more than 20 minutes, I checked the clock.