Best Cheap iPhone 7 Plus Cases

So you’ve got an iPhone 7 Plus. These phones are a bit pricey. You might be on some sort of yearly upgrade program which will require you to turn in your functioning phone if you want to upgrade, or maybe you’ll eventually want to get some money back out of your phone and sell it. Regardless, it’s never a bad idea to keep your phone in good shape. And since you already dumped a bunch of money on the phone, lets see if we can save a few bucks on it’s protection. I think you’ll find these cases offer a lot more than their price tags would indicate.


Tozo Ultra Thin

Tozo iPhone 7 Plus

This case is unbelievably thin. If you’re looking for serious drop protection this is not your accessory. However, if you’re the kind of person who’s pretty careful with their phone and you just want some minimal covering to shield it from potential scratches and dings, this Tozo case will suffice nicely. It comes in a nice simi-transparent frosted finish which you can get in several different tints. Personally, I love the look. Also, the reviews are not not bad, but they’re not inspiring. With cases like this you can take middling reviews with a grain of salt. There are lots of idiots out there who buy super thin cases like this expecting it to protect their phone from a drop off a skyscraper. They amount for almost all of the negative reviews, you can ignore them. This case is awesome.


Supcase Unicorn Beetle


Guys, I don’t come up with the names. I can’t speak to what a ‘unicorn beetle’ might refer too, but I can tell you this case is great. It offers a little more protection than the Tozo with sacrificing much in the way of aesthetic. It’s got a nice clear back and multiple color options for the bumper. It’s also very well reviewed which is a definite plus. It’s tough to get a 4.5 or better average review on Amazon, but that’s exactly what this Supcase has acheived. You really can’t go wrong with this guy.




Clear cases pair really nicely with iPhones, if you like the look of iPhones that is. Personally I think iPhones look great, and the Yoyamo case does nothing to hide the beauty. It’s also surprisingly protective. They’ve added raised corners which provide a significant cushion against a drop. I looked it up, corner drops account for cracked screens most often because the energy from contact is concentrated in such a small area. This Yoyamo takes the brunt of impact with those nice cushy corners. This nerd stuff is important guys! Also, the Yoyamo breaks the 4.5 average review threshold on Amazon. Really nice case.


Crave Strong Guard

Crave strong guardIf you think about phone cases on a 1 to 10 spectrum of protectiveness (1 – least protective, 10 – most protective) the Crave Strong Guard will be somewhere around a 7. You might love the look of this case, for me it’s a little bulky. But, when I’m standing in line at the Apple Store with shards of glass in my fingers holding a phone that doesn’t work, you can walk by and smile. I shouldn’t disparage this case, it actually looks pretty sharp for the level of protection it offers. It also breaks the 4.5 average review threshold on Amazon. We’re on a roll here.


Torras Silicone

Torras silicone

Another very nice slim case is offered by Torras. This case definitely isn’t as sparse or nerve-wracking as the Tozo above, but it’s still pretty svelte. Instead of hard plastic it’s that nice, grippy, soft, silicone material. I love the feel of this thing, though it can admittedly make prying your phone out of your pocket a little tough if you like the tight pants. One feature I really love is the ‘microfiber cloth lining’ on the inside. I’ve had devices scratched as the result of a hard plastic case. The lining in the Torras ensures that even if something sneaks into the case behind your phone you won’t have to worry about scratches. Once again, it breaks the 4.5 Amazon review threshold.



For those who appreciate a little extra in the way of aesthetic, this case is perfectly suited. It’s so pretty. I’m a man, and I don’t think I’d hold up well under the criticism I’d receive for wearing the Mosnovo on my iPhone, but that doesn’t diminish my appreciation by any means. The case is beautiful. And it’s durable, no worries about the design wearing off after some use, as can be the case (pun!) with these designs. It offers a decent level of protection without being too big or bulky, it adds a lot of grip, and it comes in a bunch of different options. It’s the complete package. And to top it all off, the Amazon scores are off the chain. 4.8!? That’s unheard of!


FlyHawk WalletFlyHawk

Sometimes I get sick of carrying around a beautiful, premium, almost $1,000 phone inside cheap plastic. Sometimes I want my phone to feel as premium as it actually is. Since you can’t cover your iPhone in metal, the next best option is leather. That’s where the FlyHawk comes in. I’ll be honest, it’s definitely not real leather, but it looks and feels really nice. It comes in several nice color options and includes the inner lining we know and love. Also, there’s a certain convenience in the ability to carry cards with your phone, even if it won’t replace your wallet.


I’m Tired of my iPhone 7

I’m tired of the boring non-high def iPhone screen. Never mind articles like this, it just doesn’t look nearly as exciting and vibrant as those big Samsung amoled screens I keep ogling at Best Buy. Maybe super accurate color reproduction is over-rated.

I don’t like the weird haptic home button. It’s less reliable and less satisfying than the real buttons on past iPhones. And don’t tell me it’s for water resistance, Samsung makes millions of water resistant phones with actual buttons (also, the iPhone has other real buttons for volume!). I also don’t like how dependent iOS is on that button. It was fine in 2007 but we’ve got better ways to navigate touch screen devices now. A weird button mixed with overwhelming usage equals disappointment.

The iPhone 7 bezels are inexcusable. The new LG G6 has a screen to body ratio of 80% meaning the screen covers 80% of the front of the phone. Guess what the iPhone sits at? 65.6%! That’s legit terrible. I looked, it’s hard to find any smartphone with a screen to body ratio that low, especially in 2017. The competition is a few crappy budget android phones or a Blackberry, which has a keyboard covering half of the face.

It’s so slippery! I know, the wise among us cover up our phones in cases, but that doesn’t change the bar-of-soap form factor of the iPhone. If your iPhone doesn’t wear a case, you’re going to have some trouble holding on to it. No lie, I’ve dropped my iPhone pretty seriously three times… this weekend. iPhones have been slippery since the debut of the iPhone 6, just a heads up they haven’t gotten any better over the last three years.

I really want to believe the next iPhone will be perfect but reports are less and less re-assuring. It’s going to be big, it’s going to cost $1,000, it might not even be available until 2018, and it can’t possibly measure up to all our hopes an expectations. Meanwhile, those new Samsung phones are coming out soon…


iPhone 7 has Paint Problems

The tech world has been abuzz with consumer reports on the iPhone 7 paint job, specifically for the Black variant. People are speaking up about the ease at which the paint dings. The problem is not necessarily that the phone gets dinged (although it doesn’t take much to put a dent/gouge in the iPhone 7), but that underneath the thin black layer is just a normal silver phone. I guess no one really likes a black phone with silver splotches all over it. Well, I own a Black iPhone 7 and I’m tossing my name in the ring with those who are speaking up about the problem. Full disclosure, I don’t put wear a case on my phone (what’s the point of having a premium feeling device if you can’t ever feel it?) which entails obvious risks; the fact that my phone has a few noticeable defects is par for the course. However, I’ll tell you that the dings on this phone have come more easily than just about any other phone I’ve used.

This story doesn’t really make me mad, it hasn’t filled me with regret or made me curse the day I bought an iPhone. But it has subtly affected my opinions on Apple. This, along with many other small complaints over this last year (no headphone jack, same phone three years running, underpowered MacBook Pro, etc.) has slowly been fueling a doubt that Apple is king or at least that they’ll be king for much longer, and I know I’m not the only one to feel it. A paint job seems like an easy thing to get right; maybe it’s not, but regardless, my confidence in Apple is not where it once was.