Author: Joshua VanDyke

I’m Tired of my iPhone 7

I’m tired of the boring non-high def iPhone screen. Never mind articles like this, it just doesn’t look nearly as exciting and vibrant as those big Samsung amoled screens I keep ogling at Best Buy. Maybe super accurate color reproduction is over-rated. I don’t like the weird haptic home button. It’s less reliable and less satisfying

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The Story

I’m a guy who loves mobile technology. I pass time reading reviews of devices that I’ve never seen, combing through rumors of devices that don’t exist yet, and studying in detail the devices I can get my hands on. I was transitioning from high school to college when the iPhone was released and I distinctly

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Samsung Chromebook Plus, it has apps!

Chromebooks have been filling a fairly specific roll over the past few years. They’re cheap and they’re simple, both very good things, but not massively functional like a laptop, and not really tempting as a companion device like a tablet. They’re perfect for students who need a browser and a way to write papers, they’re

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