My name is Josh VanDyke and I love gadgets. I don’t think I’d go so far as to say that I’ve got a problem, but I’ll admit that a lot of time reading, researching, testing, and thinking about mobile technology. I’m not an expert and I don’t ever plan to be one, I’m just a normal guy with a (normal?) fetish for tech. That simple fact is what I think makes me uniquely qualified to run a helpful website. The vast majority of us are not experts in tech though we are heavy users of tech. If you’re like me, and I’m thinking you probably are, the amount of RAM inside a phone is not that important to you. Reading a list of the technical specifications of a laptop is enough to make your eyes water. That’s why, when I read through a review, I tend to gloss over the first 90% of the article and fixate on every word of the ‘verdict’ section. What we want, or need, to know is not primarily how many gigabytes or pixels or cores are inside the device, but how well it performs for each of our own specific wants or needs and how much fun it is to use it. Our connection with a piece of technology is much more subjective than a list of specifications, that’s why I think we value opinions, we ask questions like ‘how do you like it?’ instead of ‘how many gigabytes of storage does it have?’ (unless we’re trying to sound smart). I’m going to consider devices a little bit differently than what you’ll typically find on the big tech websites. I’m going to go easy on the technical specifications (I’m not really qualified to comment on them anyways), and go big on the ‘verdict’ piece. It will largely be my opinion, which you’re welcome to take or leave, but hopefully you’ll find it helpful to consider.

From one normal tech user to another,

Josh VanDyke