iPhone 7 has Paint Problems

The tech world has been abuzz with consumer reports on the iPhone 7 paint job, specifically for the Black variant. People are speaking up about the ease at which the paint dings. The problem is not necessarily that the phone gets dinged (although it doesn’t take much to put a dent/gouge in the iPhone 7), but that underneath the thin black layer is just a normal silver phone. I guess no one really likes a black phone with silver splotches all over it. Well, I own a Black iPhone 7 and I’m tossing my name in the ring with those who are speaking up about the problem. Full disclosure, I don’t put wear a case on my phone (what’s the point of having a premium feeling device if you can’t ever feel it?) which entails obvious risks; the fact that my phone has a few noticeable defects is par for the course. However, I’ll tell you that the dings on this phone have come more easily than just about any other phone I’ve used.

This story doesn’t really make me mad, it hasn’t filled me with regret or made me curse the day I bought an iPhone. But it has subtly affected my opinions on Apple. This, along with many other small complaints over this last year (no headphone jack, same phone three years running, underpowered MacBook Pro, etc.) has slowly been fueling a doubt that Apple is king or at least that they’ll be king for much longer, and I know I’m not the only one to feel it. A paint job seems like an easy thing to get right; maybe it’s not, but regardless, my confidence in Apple is not where it once was.


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