What’s with the name?

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I don’t have a belt fetish, it has nothing to do with geography (as in rust belt or Bible belt), and I don’t have a grand vision for a literal technological belt, but there is a little back story.

Aaron Rodgers (quarterback for Green Bay) made popular the World Championship belt move as a touchdown celebration. It’s a nod to ‘professional’ wrestling, their trophy is basically a huge belt. It’s also easy to do and it looks awesome (in my humble opinion). The move was eventually used in a massive marketing campaign (Discount Double Check) among other things, but at its core the belt means ‘Champion’. A popular culture podcast, The Watch, which I highly recommend, also utilizes the idea of the belt to anoint the best TV show currently airing. It’s basically their best segment (they go light on segmenting).

I’m always interested in finding the best of a thing among its tech peers. Best calendar app, best podcast app, best android phone, best windows laptop, etc. I love lists too, top 5 phones of 2016, top 10 tablets, etc. So, since the site is full of pieces like that, the name seemed to make sense. Also, try finding a domain these days, all the obvious ones are taken. I’m not the most creative guy in the world so this name constitutes as one of my most proud creative moments, which is sad, I understand, but also kind of happy? It’s progress!

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